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About the makers of Moss Grills.


Barrel grilling in the Midwest is a known tradition. After years and years of enjoying delicious grilled and smoked meats at family gatherings and neighborhood cookouts. I’ve come to realize that I’ve truly missed the “good ol’ days” after being here in San Diego since 1990.
The aroma in the air tickled our taste buds, put a smile on our faces and for no reason at all everyone was always in a festive mood when there was a grill going. I went back, back to my childhood days…reminiscing of the flavorful aroma, perfectly cooked succulent meats and distinctive tastes that only a grill can produce. These memories moved me to revamp the basic grill and kick it up a notch by developing bigger and better bbq grills for consumer needs.

Moss Grills and Smokers are hand crafted out of 55 gallon drum barrels. Our company only use BRAND NEW BARRELS, coated on the outside with H.H.P.to prevent chipping. Welded within an angle iron frame for stability which makes it very sturdy, Moss Custom Grills and Smokers have wheels for easy mobility, wood handles, heat thermometer, control ventilation valves, drain holes, and fitted internally with a sturdy 3/4 wire mesh. Moss Grills & amp; Smokers has added a colored finished wood tops which are convenient for prepping and chopping. With added space from the wood fronts you have plenty of extra room for your seasonings, sauces and grilling utensils right at your fingertips.

I take pride in sharing this old Tradition with you. Our company have created several styles to fit your needs. My 55 gallon grill is ideal for cooking in three different styles and perfect for catering outdoor events. Moss Grills has also crafted the first ever seen “One-hundred and ten gallon”; GAS-CHARCOAL-ROTISSERIE bbq grill all in one!! This side by side double barrel grill is ideal for cooking in three different styles and perfect for catering outdoor events!! Moss Grills also carry vertical meat smokers and barrel grills with the side smoker box attached.



Moss Grills and Smokers


CONTACT US: mossgrills@yahoo.com

Moss Grills provides a limited warranty on all of our grills and smokers. Our pits are guaranteed against burnout. In addition, if something goes wrong with your grill or smoker that has been caused by the manufacturer, you, the original purchaser, can bring your bbq pit for repair at no charge. This warranty is useful to the purchaser only and you must have your original receipt.


  1. Tim O'Keefe
    July 5, 2010 @ 8:59 pm

    Thanks, Fred..

    This is a great grill. We were able to cook 120 pounds of baby back pork ribs to kick off out 4th of July celebration.

    The grill work so good, we sold all 120 pounds of ribs in 1 hour, 13 minutes. Hows That for a fantastic grill.

    Thanks alot Fred. Have a Great Summer…..


  2. jeff
    June 22, 2011 @ 12:40 am

    Do you burn out the inner lining of your food grade drums?

    Would you sell me a drum that is already burned out?

    Thank you.


  3. Gerardo
    June 23, 2012 @ 10:11 am

    Hello just wanted to know how much would it cost for shipping for a single barrel grill to the Boston area


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